Frederick is a major NPC in Dyne's The Thousand Thrones game.

Before the incidentEdit

While technically the property of Johann the Thug, he was most commonly seen riden by Elena.


The Terrifying TransformationEdit

After drinking warpstone tainted water he mutated gaining daemonic horns, bat wings, a burning body and the ability to breathe fire. After returning to Marienburg, he was dismissed by Elena with a smack to the hindquarters, causing him to take flight and crash into the neighboring forest.

Since then, he has appeared once, coming to the group's rescue at the Reaper's Bounty, a coaching inn in the Drakwald. There, he idiotically crashed into a pile of combustible materials and set the besieged inn on fire, covering the group's escape before hovering off into the night (and once again crashing into the forest.)


Frederick(After) Courtesy of Hemoptysis

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